Our History

St Severine English Medium Pre and Primary School is a diocesan school owned by the Catholic Diocese of Rulenge-Ngara it is built in Biharamulo district, Kagera Region Tanzania,East Africa. It was inaugurated since March 2008, The school has 488 pupils (boys and girls), 35 qualified teachers and 32 none teaching staff.

The school has conducive environment made of beautiful classrooms, dormitories, computer rooms, sports gears, play grounds, flowers and lovely teachers who play the role of mothers and fathers all the time. The combination of the above makes the school to perform better academically Subjects taught are
Science and Technology
Civic and Morals
Information and Communication Technology
Umahili wa Kusoma
Umahili wa Kuandika
Personality Development and Sports
Vocational Skills

The school works under the elected school committee elected by the parents, however the school daily management team runs the school smoothly. We allow parents, students and the whole community to give out their suggestions through our suggestion box placed in front of the administration block and via social medias. We provides transport for students from school to home during holidays.